About the plans

The Katrina Cottage Series is NOW AVAILABLE at HOUSEPLANS.com.

Originally designed as a dignified alternative to the FEMA trailer, Katrina Cottages have been hailed for their design, durability, versatility and, affordability in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, on CNN and in all major news outlets nationwide. The Katrina Cottage is the vision of Andres Duany, first developed at the Mississippi Renewal Forum in October 2005. The goal of a Katrina Cottage is to create a home that is safe, affordable, and can be built quickly—yet at the same time is livable and lovable.

Following popular demand nationwide, Marianne Cusato and a talented team of independent designers have expanded the series beyond emergency housing. These homes are ideal for anyone looking for a small and compact home—with style. They can be used as primary homes, clustered in pocket neighborhoods, used for student housing and even for vacation cabins.

The Katrina Cottage Series includes the work of Marianne Cusato, Eric Moser, and WA Lawrence. Designs from Andres Duany will be added in the coming months.